How to Get the Most Famous Butt on the Internet

I find inspiration for my workouts from my Pinterest boards all of the time, so I thought it would be fun to find some of the most popular workouts and share them with you guys! One of the best aspects of Pinterest workouts is that most of them can be done from the convenience of your own home or apartment. 

For Day 1, we decided to share a workout from Cosmopolitan Magazine that was developed by the most famous booty on the internet, Jen Selter.

Take me back to the 🌤

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The workout from cosmo says to perform the following circuit 2x, but if you want a little extra challenge, I would 4x it 😃

     1. Chair Kicks - 15 reps each leg

     2. Donkey Kicks - 15 reps each side

     3. Fire Hydrants - 15 reps each leg

     4. Squat Pulses - 15 reps

     5. Squat Kicks - 15 reps each leg

Also, for an extra burn on the Fire hydrants, try placing a dumbbell behind your knee!

You can also find the original article here.