Katie and Andrew here!

In our first blog post ever, we thought it would only be appropriate to tell you a bit about 38Plank and why we are starting this company.

When we first met, our concept for 38Plank was almost identical, but the audience could not have been more different. Despite our contrasting fitness goals and preferred routines, we both realized that we shared the same frustrations.

There was something missing…something holding us back from fully achieving our goals. We are both accomplished athletes and have trained for various sports and competitions the majority of our lives. With our experience, knowledge of training, and the vast amount of information available, you would think it would be easy for us to reach our fitness goals.

The problem is that our goals have changed many times over the years and each new goal requires a new plan. Each time we went back to the drawing board, we figured that with all of our previous experience, we would just need a bit of research and we would be well on our way. We soon figured out that the ever-increasing amount of fitness information available online was actually starting to hurt more than help us. It seemed like the more research we did, the more questions we had. We also realized that we had begun abandoning our long-term plans in favor of cherry picking workouts depending on what we felt like doing that day.

Through different means, we both realized that the most efficient and effective way of achieving our goals was finding someone who has achieved them, asking what they did, and personalizing their plan to make it our own.

When we put this into practice, our friends started noticing our results and asking about our routines. It turned out that we weren’t the only ones tired of doing workouts without seeing any progress. Almost everyone we knew was hitting some sort of plateau. As we talked to more and more people, we realized it was an epidemic. Countless numbers of people were defeated by generic and unproductive workouts delivered in frustrating formats.

This epiphany is why we started 38Plank, a mobile platform that enables users to seamlessly create, share, and distribute workouts and programming, while utilizing user generated reviews to help people reach their goals as fast as possible. 

Have you ever wondered how a friend or someone on Instagram lost all of that weight, got those washboard abs, placed well in the Crossfit open, or finished fourth in the SF Marathon?

With 38Plank, you can follow trainers, athletes, fitness influencers, and your fit friends to help you find the fitness program that is right for you. Whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle, prepping for competition, working on mobility, or even recovering from an injury, our objective is to build a community that will help you reach your fitness goals!

We hope you enjoy 38Plank as much as we do!