Day 4 - Cardio + Core

Tuesdays and Thursdays are cardio + core days. Perform 35-45 min of any type of cardio followed by today's ab workout. The bench was a little bit of a limitation for the home workout, so I posted Anna's most popular ab workout. Remember to focus on form and squeeze those abs! 

For cardio, I included a clip from my boxing workout today! Cardio doesn't always have to consist of running on a treadmill at the same pace for hours. If you find something you love to do, it won't feel like working out anymore. Boxing and kickboxing are some of the most intense cardio workouts you can do and it's something you can get better at every day. If you're in San Francisco, I highly recommend checking out Empower, if not, you can find tons of super cheap Groupon deals in your area.

Working out should be enjoyable, it shouldn't be a chore. Learn to know your body, mix it up, find something you like, set goals, and improve every day! Happy ab shredding :)