Data Fit - Crossfit Open 17.1 Result Analysis

We are heading into 17.2 and I know the first thing you want to know after you complete your workout is where you've placed amongst the competition. The leaderboard is an addictive source of live data that you can examine and explore. You can even find out facts like where you've placed compared to people with your name...I placed fourth among other Andrews in my region in 17.1. Whether or not you are competing, it is always fun to see how you are performing relative to the other athletes. So I thought it would be cool to show some of the data I was able to pull from the 17.1 workout!

Side note: If you find the Crossfit leaderboard crashing this weekend we've also created an open source leaderboard that should provide more stability. You can also search for results by affiliate!

2017 Crossfit Open Leaderboard


The 17.1 workout was fairly simple so a lot of people were able to complete it RX (as prescribed). Although the workout was simple, it definitely favored Big Engines.

We analyzed over 350k results over the entire CrossFit leaderboard to bring you the most accurate results. These are the numbers of results, compared with last year.


Gender Year Total Results RX % Growth
Male 2016 159386
2017 211254 180915 13.5%
Female 2016 120117
2017 157989 138019 14.9%

If you look at the numbers, it is pretty cool to see the dramatic increase in results posted. I am excited to see if the results posted from 17.2 hold up to the increase in athletes competing shown above. I say this because there could be some factors that came into play in the numbers above. For example, 16.1 was much more challenging skill wise (chest to bars) but 17.1 wss much more challenging mentally. I think the muscle ups in 17.2 will give us a good perspective. 

If you're interested in comparing your results to the rest of the field I included some interesting percentiles below. For the rest of the analysis, every rep below 225 (the total in the workout) was counted as +1s to your time.

Percentile   Male Time (Seconds)     Female Time (Seconds)  
10% 1267 1270
20% 1248 1248
30% 1232 1229
40% 1216 1213
50% 1207 1204
60% 1178 1163
70% 1121 1106
80% 1049 1039
90% 953 955
95% 882 890
99% 765 785

The first number that really stands out to me was that more than fifty percent of the competitors did not finish under the time cap. If you beat the time cap, congratulations you are in the top 50 percent of athletes. But if you didn't beat the time cap, don't be too hard on yourself. The time cap was hard to beat and it doesn't mean you aren't fit.

Although the percentiles are cool to look at, the graph below tells an even more interesting story! The gap in numbers between men and women were so close that I just combined the data into one graph.

Number of Results (Y - Axis) vs. Time (seconds). Men are Blue, Women are Red

Number of Results (Y - Axis) vs. Time (seconds). Men are Blue, Women are Red

We will improve this analysis as the workouts continue, and include data from 17.2 and onwards.

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-- Andrew Cole


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