Prepping for the Crossfit Regionals - Interview with Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault

The open is officially over and now we are all waiting in anticipation for the regionals. But, the regionals aren't until May, so in the meantime, we wanted to get a sneak peek into the routines and mindsets of some of the athletes who are preparing for regionals. Whether you have plans to make it to regionals next year or are just curious to get to know these athletes, these interviews are pretty fun to read!

1) Now that the open is over, how do you feel about your performance and how will it set you up for regionals and the games? 

I'm really with my overall placement in the open. I wasn't expecting to reach the 6th place worldwide for the third year in a row but I'm happy it happens. My goal was to be good in my region. I didn't stop training for regionals during the open but for now this is the main focus. 

2) Do you follow a nutrition plan? If so what is it and what is the basic principle involved?

I'm following a meal plan to help me reach my goal in training and to be sure my body recover well. I'm starting a new program this week with ProEnergy. 

3) What programming do you follow and how will it be changing for regionals?

I made some change recently and I'm now following Michele Letendre programming since a couple month mais I also have a coach who programs and help me with my weightlifting and strength (Yannick Hainneault). I also incorporate some workout that I enjoy with my friends. 

4) What new movement do you think they will add to regionals this year?

I'm guessing for the pegboard and ski erg. 

5) What originally drew you into Crossfit?

I was boxing and needed a break after a tough loss so my sister who was already into crossfit ask me to train with her. I can't thank her enough now... I was addicted after the first time. 

6) Do you have any advice for an aspiring regionals athlete? Someone who wants to make the jump from Crossfit training to competition. 

Make sure you love what you do. Make sure t is really a passion because you have to spend so Much time around training nutrition recovery. Also make sure you have a great group support with you and never stop working on what you don't want to train, because it's probably what you need to. 

7) What is something you like to do outside the gym that people might not know about you?

I love to spend time with my dog  ,  my family and friends. I love to go out for brunch during the weekend.