Prepping for the Crossfit Regionals - Interview with Ryan Fischer

The open is officially over and now we are all waiting in anticipation for the regionals. But, the regionals aren't until May, so in the meantime, we wanted to get a sneak peek into the routines and mindsets of some of the athletes who are preparing for regionals. Whether you have plans to make it to regionals next year or are just curious to get to know these athletes, these interviews are pretty fun to read!

Here is our interview with Ryan Fischer:

1) Now that the open is over, how do you feel about your performance and how will it set you up for regionals?

Honestly I'm happy with my performance. At 30 years old and with a bunch of injuries including a left knee that has literally zero Cartledge or meniscus, I don't train very much. So to end regionals in sixth place overall in California, with training low that is an equivalent to a regular member... Can't be much happier. I wasn't even planning on competing, to be honest.

2) Do you follow a nutrition plan? If so what is it and what is the basic principle involved?

I basically follow a meat and vegetable diet with simple carbohydrates after workouts. I cheat here and there but it's a lot less than most people do. 

3) What programming do you follow and how will it be changing for regionals?

I literally do my class workouts with just a little bit of additional strength training here and there. I work out between an hour and an hour and a half a day. Four days a week.

4) What new movement do you think they will add to regionals this year?

They never add anything new. Always the basic movements. However, if they did change their ways I would guess a D-Ball. 

5) What originally drew you into Crossfit?

I trained for the Olympics for five years and got kind of burned out on the fact that I had to wait five years again to try compete in the big show... and the repetitive training of just the same thing over and over again... crossfit has a lot of variety and I really like that about The sport. 

6) Do you have any advice for an aspiring regionals athlete? Someone who wants to make the jump from Crossfit training to competition. 

Just to be careful for over training. I think a lot of people think that they have to do this ridiculous load of training when in reality intensity is the most important factor. As a gym owner I see this all the time and it drives me crazy. Especially when it comes to strength... why aren't you strong? Because you never give your body time to rest... that's why. It's a scientific fact. 

7) You have been competing as a regionals athlete since 2012, what would you say is the biggest difference (besides the competitiveness) between then and this year? How has the sport evolved and how have you evolved with it? 

I think the biggest factor is just the weights mainly... I don't see any big differences in the scales or the difficulties of the workouts. The athletes and the RX weights are just considerably heavier and stronger. For example… A 225 snatch would have been jaw-dropping when I started, but now that is a weight that we do for reps in a workout. A 400 pound deadlift was crazy back then too and now it's a few of these guys max power clean. I'd like to think those huge numbers don't matter that much and that the real athletes will come by the end of the weekend… However, now everyone is starting to get good at both. Lifting really heavy weights and producing some really strong aerobic capacity. It will be cool to see this sport in another five years