5 reasons why you need hill sprints in your life

We can all agree that the middle child is the golden child!

So, if you had to compare hill sprints to any sibling, they would be the middle child. Hill sprints are the perfect exercise. They are the ultimate blend of cardio and strength training, are super efficient for fat burning, and will make you faster, stronger, leaner, and overall sexier.

If you're not convinced yet, check out some of the benefits on hill sprints below:


Hill sprints take one of the most efficient forms of exercise and ups the anti. Regular sprint training burns an insane amount of body fat, so when you add another variable like a hill to that, you can imagine the effects. Hill sprints benefit almost anyone as well! They make runners faster, increases everyone's endurance, and is a way for bodybuilders to incorporate cardio and strength training in one workout.


Okay, this is relative to what you consider fun, but I love hill sprints. Well, it's more of a love-hate relationship, but in the end, it's mostly love. I will admit that they suck, I mean really suck, when you are actually doing them. I did hill sprints last weekend and by the end of each sprint, I thought my legs were just going to give out. But after each sprint there was a sense of euphoria, an amazing "damn right I just crushed that hill" moment. 


If the image of your perfect body is losing some body fat, leaning out, and shaping your glutes and hamstrings, hill sprints will be your best friend. 


It takes a lot of self-discipline to do hill sprints. They are tough and will make you want to throw in the towel multiple times. When this happens, you need to be able to push yourself in order to really reap the rewards of hill sprints. If you know your self-discipline isn't very strong, grab a buddy to hit the hills. 


This one sounds a bit weird, but hill sprints are actually safer than regular sprints. The incline forces you to take shorter strides, decreasing the chance of overextending and pulling your hamstring or achilles.

If you want to check out some hill sprint workouts, I have posted a couple on my 38Plank profile! 

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See you on the hills!

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