rest day

Day 7 - Rest Day!

Congrats, you have made it to the last day of the Fit Body Guide free week preview! In honor of all of the hard work you put in this week, we are giving you a rest day :) Although rest days are meant to give you a day off, remember to still try and move around, stretch out, stay hydrated, eat extra healthy, and get some good shut-eye.

For those of you who feel extra eager or anxious on rest days, remember that giving your body proper rest is key to any successful workout regimen. Rest is actually what increases your strength because it allows your muscles that have broken down to heal and recover. When you overwork your body, you run the risk of fatigue, decreased performance, poor sleeping patterns, poor immunity, and mood swings.

We've included one of Anna's foam rolling videos below. Stretching is also a very important part of rest and recovery, so take those extra minutes to help and heal your body!

If you are interested in Anna's 12-week guide you can find it here!