5 reasons why you need hill sprints in your life

5 reasons why you need hill sprints in your life

We can all agree that the middle child is the golden child!

So, if you had to compare hill sprints to any sibling, they would be the middle child. Hill sprints are the perfect exercise. They are the ultimate blend of cardio and strength training, are super efficient for fat burning, and will make you faster, stronger, leaner, and overall sexier.

If you're not convinced yet, check out some of the benefits on hill sprints below:

Simply Fit by Erica - Day 5

Simply Fit by Erica - Day 5

Day 5 of the Simply Fit by Erica guide is another fast paced HIIT workout. Perform the following circuit 5x as fast as possible while still maintaining proper form! Today is the last workout for the week, so make you go extra hard!

Trainer of the week: Anna Victoria

In anticipation of the beta, we will be featuring weekly workouts from some of our favorite trainers. Our very first trainer crush of the week is Anna Victoria. I discovered Anna on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her workouts and the results she has helped so many women achieve. Anna's workouts are inspired by her own journey from what she calls "skinny fat" to fit. When you look at Anna's before picture (below), she doesn't necessarily look like someone who is overweight and unhealthy, but after she was hospitalized in 2012, it was clear that the outside wasn't fully reflecting what was going on inside. A couple of months after her hospitalization, she realized that her years of bad eating habits and lack of exercise had been detrimental to her health, and set out on a journey to get healthy and start fresh. Her transformation was so profound that she decided to dedicate her life to helping other women become healthier and happier. With this goal in mind, she created the 12-week workout and eating programs called the Fit Body Guide (FBG).

Stay tuned this week as we share daily workouts from Anna Victoria on the blog and our Instagram. To get you prepped, the weekly outline of her Fit Body Guide is below. If you're curious, you can check out some of the transformations from her program below and find her on Instagram at @annavictoria.


MONDAY- High-intensity strength training Legs and Glutes + Stretching

TUESDAY- Cardio and Core Training + Stretching

WEDNESDAY- High-intensity Strength training Back and Arms + Stretching

THURSDAY- Cardio and Core training + Stretching

FRIDAY- High-intensity strength training Full Body + Stretching

SATURDAY- Cardio and Core training + Stretching

SUNDAY- Rest day