Simply Fit by Erica - Day 5

Simply Fit by Erica - Day 5

Day 5 of the Simply Fit by Erica guide is another fast paced HIIT workout. Perform the following circuit 5x as fast as possible while still maintaining proper form! Today is the last workout for the week, so make you go extra hard!

Simply Fit by Erica - Day 3

Day 3 of the Simply Fit Guide is a rest day, so we are going to share one of Erica's amazing recipes with you! The recipe is for what Erica calls Blueberry "Scuffins", because they are a super delicious cross between a scone and a muffin. This recipe is gluten and dairy free as well, so enjoy :)

Simply Fit by Erica - Day 1

Simply Fit by Erica - Day 1

Our trainer of the week is the beautiful Erica Phillips! Erica developed her workout program, Simply Fit, in 2014 after having her baby girl. As a new mommy, Erica didn't always have the time to go to the gym to get a good workout in like she had prior to being a mom.

Chris Pratt's Guardians Workout Program Day 5 - Shoulders

Now that your body is properly rested, get ready to go hard for shoulder day! If you want to see results like Pratt, you have to give it your all. Take it from Pratt's trainer, who is referred to as "The hero maker" because of his work transforming actors like Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt and Tobey Maguire into Gods and Superheroes.



Chris Pratt's Guardians Workout Program Day 3 - Legs + Abs

Welcome to Day 3 of the 7-day preview of Chris Pratt's workout regimen to prepare for his role in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Today is leg day so that upper body you've been working hard this week will get a bit of rest. We have also included one of the warmups that Pratt used to get ready for his heaving lifting sessions. Happy Humpday!

            "DISCOMFORT IS WHERE CHANGE TAKES PLACE" - Duffy Gaver (Pratt's trainer)

Chris Pratt's Guardians Workout Program Day 2 - Chest + Abs

I know you're probably dead from all of the pull-ups yesterday, but it's when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones that we start seeing results. When talking about his transformation, Pratt said:

  "People want to know what the secret is. The secret is you can't do it in a month. It takes 8 months, and/or a year, or a lifetime...of consistency, working out every single day, and eating properly and truly feeding yourself. Not starving, but giving yourself proper nutrition to heal. You have to burn off all of the crap you put in your body. And then you have to replace it with really good food, and fuel. And it takes a long time, but really, 8 months isn't a long time. Time is going by just as fast, whether you're working out or not. So, who do you want to be in 8 months?"

If you're inspired by Pratts words then day 2 of the workout program is below! 

Day 2 - Chest

    10 min cardio warmup

    1. Bench Press - 4 sets (12, 10, 8, 6 reps) Go up in weight each set with a spotter

    2. Bench Press - 4 sets of 4 reps max weight

    3. Incline Bench Press - 4 sets of 12 reps

    4. Hammer Strength Bench Press - 4 sets of 15 reps

    5. Superset - Weighted Dips + Standing Cable Flys - 4 sets of 10 dips + 12 flys

Day 2 - Abs

    1. Plank - 3 sets 60 sec each

    2. Side Plank - 3 sets 60 sec each

    3. Hanging leg raises - 3 sets of 12 reps

    4. Toes to bar - 3 sets of 12 reps (slowly)

Celebrity Workout Week: How Chris Pratt Got His Guardians of the Galaxy Bod

If you've seen Guardians of the Galaxy, I'm sure you were either ogling at or envious of Chris Pratt's new chiseled physique. Pratt had to put in an insane amount of work to transition from the slightly overweight Andy Dwyer to the superhero he depicts in Guardians, but he showed us that anything is possible with a little hard work ;)

Day 7 - Rest Day!

Congrats, you have made it to the last day of the Fit Body Guide free week preview! In honor of all of the hard work you put in this week, we are giving you a rest day :) Although rest days are meant to give you a day off, remember to still try and move around, stretch out, stay hydrated, eat extra healthy, and get some good shut-eye.

For those of you who feel extra eager or anxious on rest days, remember that giving your body proper rest is key to any successful workout regimen. Rest is actually what increases your strength because it allows your muscles that have broken down to heal and recover. When you overwork your body, you run the risk of fatigue, decreased performance, poor sleeping patterns, poor immunity, and mood swings.

We've included one of Anna's foam rolling videos below. Stretching is also a very important part of rest and recovery, so take those extra minutes to help and heal your body!

If you are interested in Anna's 12-week guide you can find it here!




Day 6 - Cardio + Core

Day 5 - Full Body

We like to call the 5th day of the FBG program Full Body Friday. Repeat each of the following circuits 3x. Remember to stay focused on form and try and have a little fun! We've included a video to go along with the workout and one of Anna's most popular full body workouts below. TGIF :)

Day 4 - Cardio + Core

Tuesdays and Thursdays are cardio + core days. Perform 35-45 min of any type of cardio followed by today's ab workout. The bench was a little bit of a limitation for the home workout, so I posted Anna's most popular ab workout. Remember to focus on form and squeeze those abs! 

For cardio, I included a clip from my boxing workout today! Cardio doesn't always have to consist of running on a treadmill at the same pace for hours. If you find something you love to do, it won't feel like working out anymore. Boxing and kickboxing are some of the most intense cardio workouts you can do and it's something you can get better at every day. If you're in San Francisco, I highly recommend checking out Empower, if not, you can find tons of super cheap Groupon deals in your area.

Working out should be enjoyable, it shouldn't be a chore. Learn to know your body, mix it up, find something you like, set goals, and improve every day! Happy ab shredding :)

Day 3 - Back + Arms

Day 3 is comprised of High-Intensity Strength Training targeting your back and arms. Don't forget to focus on form and really contracting those muscles! The workout has 3 circuits that will be performed 3x each. Happy lifting!

If you want to see how the movements are performed, we posted a video for each circuit on our Instagram @38plank. The videos and 2 more of Anna's most popular arm workouts are posted below! If you want to check out Anna's full 12-week programs, click here.

Day 2 -Cardio + Core

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are all focused on a Cardio + Ab workout. The cardio workouts progress in intensity throughout the 12-week program to challenge you and help you see results faster. The outline of types of cardio throughout the program is below!

Day 2 of the Fit Body Guide (FBG) mixes 30 min of Low Intensity Steady State cardio with the following ab workout.

Day 1 - Legs + Glutes


One fo the major focuses of the FBG Round 2 is proper form and muscle engagement. Anna separates the workouts into similar muscle groups to allow further muscle engagement during each movement and circuit. The free preview starts the week out strong with a High-Intensity Strength Training workout targeting the leg + glutes . The graphic for today's workout is below. You can get the full 7-day preview here, or purchase her 12-week program here.

Trainer of the week: Anna Victoria

In anticipation of the beta, we will be featuring weekly workouts from some of our favorite trainers. Our very first trainer crush of the week is Anna Victoria. I discovered Anna on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her workouts and the results she has helped so many women achieve. Anna's workouts are inspired by her own journey from what she calls "skinny fat" to fit. When you look at Anna's before picture (below), she doesn't necessarily look like someone who is overweight and unhealthy, but after she was hospitalized in 2012, it was clear that the outside wasn't fully reflecting what was going on inside. A couple of months after her hospitalization, she realized that her years of bad eating habits and lack of exercise had been detrimental to her health, and set out on a journey to get healthy and start fresh. Her transformation was so profound that she decided to dedicate her life to helping other women become healthier and happier. With this goal in mind, she created the 12-week workout and eating programs called the Fit Body Guide (FBG).

Stay tuned this week as we share daily workouts from Anna Victoria on the blog and our Instagram. To get you prepped, the weekly outline of her Fit Body Guide is below. If you're curious, you can check out some of the transformations from her program below and find her on Instagram at @annavictoria.


MONDAY- High-intensity strength training Legs and Glutes + Stretching

TUESDAY- Cardio and Core Training + Stretching

WEDNESDAY- High-intensity Strength training Back and Arms + Stretching

THURSDAY- Cardio and Core training + Stretching

FRIDAY- High-intensity strength training Full Body + Stretching

SATURDAY- Cardio and Core training + Stretching

SUNDAY- Rest day



Katie and Andrew here!

In our first blog post ever, we thought it would only be appropriate to tell you a bit about 38Plank and why we are starting this company.

When we first met, our concept for 38Plank was almost identical, but the audience could not have been more different. Despite our contrasting fitness goals and preferred routines, we both realized that we shared the same frustrations.

There was something missing…something holding us back from fully achieving our goals. We are both accomplished athletes and have trained for various sports and competitions the majority of our lives. With our experience, knowledge of training, and the vast amount of information available, you would think it would be easy for us to reach our fitness goals.

The problem is that our goals have changed many times over the years and each new goal requires a new plan. Each time we went back to the drawing board, we figured that with all of our previous experience, we would just need a bit of research and we would be well on our way. We soon figured out that the ever-increasing amount of fitness information available online was actually starting to hurt more than help us. It seemed like the more research we did, the more questions we had. We also realized that we had begun abandoning our long-term plans in favor of cherry picking workouts depending on what we felt like doing that day.

Through different means, we both realized that the most efficient and effective way of achieving our goals was finding someone who has achieved them, asking what they did, and personalizing their plan to make it our own.

When we put this into practice, our friends started noticing our results and asking about our routines. It turned out that we weren’t the only ones tired of doing workouts without seeing any progress. Almost everyone we knew was hitting some sort of plateau. As we talked to more and more people, we realized it was an epidemic. Countless numbers of people were defeated by generic and unproductive workouts delivered in frustrating formats.

This epiphany is why we started 38Plank, a mobile platform that enables users to seamlessly create, share, and distribute workouts and programming, while utilizing user generated reviews to help people reach their goals as fast as possible. 

Have you ever wondered how a friend or someone on Instagram lost all of that weight, got those washboard abs, placed well in the Crossfit open, or finished fourth in the SF Marathon?

With 38Plank, you can follow trainers, athletes, fitness influencers, and your fit friends to help you find the fitness program that is right for you. Whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle, prepping for competition, working on mobility, or even recovering from an injury, our objective is to build a community that will help you reach your fitness goals!

We hope you enjoy 38Plank as much as we do!